Esports Betting Tips & Strategy Advice

We are pretty new to Esports betting ourselves, so we won’t pretend to be a specialist. However, we’ve spent a lot of time researching this kind of Esports betting and experimenting with some various approaches. We’ve not made any amazingly successful strategies yet, we will ensure to update this page when we’re more specialized. In the meantime, here are some helpful tips to consider.

  • Bet small, to begin with
  • Stick to games you understand and know
  • Receive to know the players
  • Avoid huge favorites

Betting small, to begin with is the most vital tip on Esports betting. Unless you are both a specialist bettor and extremely knowledgeable about Esports betting, there is great chance you’re going to lose cash, to begin with. We surely did, so we were extremely glad that we were simply betting with little stakes. We stoutly recommended that you do the similar.

We also advised that you stick to betting on games that you understand. Just like we don’t advice Esports betting you are unknown with. If you are not well known with any games, then ensure you do some research before you even begin Esports betting.

Knowing the games is a great start, but it’s vital to also know the players. Knowing their powers and weakness requires being a priority if you are going to be Esports betting on their matches. Otherwise, you would only be making guesses that are ever profitable. Thankfully there’re lots of dedicated Esports betting sites that you can apply for the needy research. Some of them even detailed player statistics and profiles.

Our ultimate piece of advice is not an absolute rule, but quite a general instruction to stick to. A lot of Esports betting matches will have 1 player or team as an extremely heavy favorite, and there is normally small or no value in backing them. Although they’re likely to win plenty of bets when backing huge favorites, it simply takes 1 or 2 upsets to wipe out complete your benefits.

A better choice would be to look for matches among the more even opposition and attempt to pick a winner there. You will win less often, but you will stand a good chance of creating an overall benefit.

That’s all the advice we have to provide at the moment. Although it’s completely straightforward, it’s still worth following. Joint with the correct amount of time and effort, it will provide you a better chance of making some money from Esports betting.

CSGO Predictions

Go here if you want to find predictions. and read news about csgo here.


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Betting on League of legend with the fanobet bonus code

League of Legends Betting News and Tips 

One thing is sure lol betting players are one of the most loving crowds in complete Esports.

And there are too many reasons for that.

First of all LOL betting has lot of high quality events and leagues ( such as EU LCS, NA LCS, LCK) followed by over 30k great events and finally the mighty worlds, sporting few of the biggest overall prize in all of Esports.

Besides that, LOL also has insane amount of active players. The recent claims from Riot are that there’re more than 10 million monthly active players. That is more than CSGO and Dota2 combined.

Best lol Betting Sites for 2017

There are several reasons on that you can rate these sites, but the most vital are: covered events customer support, odds, and deposit/withdrawal options.

Here are few of the top rated sites for true money LoL betting.

  • Bet365
  • betway Esprots
  • Vital bet
  • Fanobet

I can tell you today that you can go to this site and look for a fanobet bonus code. Fanobet is actually a really good site if you are looking to bet on league of legend, and with that fanobet bonus code you will have a head start.

The nice thing about bonus codes is that you can even lose in a total manner but still have a profit when you have finished rolling over the bonus.

But anyways, you should go to the site and read the review, maybe it isnt something for you – you can also read about league of legend on or any other forum so you learn what you need to know.

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